Solving JigSaw Puzzle Using Neural Nets

Can Neural Net solve a 2x2 Jigsaw Puzzle?

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

What is Permutation Invariance?

1) f(x,y,z) = ax + by +cz2) f(x,y,z) = xyz
Jigsaw is Permutation Invariance
2x2 puzzle = 4! = 24 combinations3x3 puzzle = 9! = 362880 comb’ns

How did you get the data?

Data Creation Process

But how does the data look?

A Data Sample

How did you design the Network?

Why do we reshape?

Network Design

How to code the Neural Net?

Model Implemented in Keras

Can you explain the code?

Can you explain CNN architecture?



Shallow Network

What is the training process?

Target Vector: [[3],[0],[1],[2]]

How are the results?

Sample results from the model

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